Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fly Free

Gracias to Wimpy and the U.S. government! We have recieved news that the last of our family has escaped. Papito y Mamita, Lucinda, Mundin, Little Anita, and Carmen have flown away... Never forget what we fought for, as you start new lives in the land of the free. Long live the Butterflies!

"El Jefe" Jr. in Power

Trujillo's son seeks revenge against the Revolutionaries that assassinated his father. He continues his father's bloody legacy. Soon my brother and I will be executed. We face death knowing that we have fought for the country we love and we will be remembered as heros.


Pupo, our leader chosen to succeed "el Jefe" never came to power, he has been "disappeared" by the old Regime.  Instead... Trujillo's son grabs power.  My brother and I are captured, imprisoned, and tortured.  Every day we pray that our families are safe.

El Jefe Assassinated!

Success!  Trujillo is dead...  His bullet-ridden 57 chevy is proof of his demise.  ¡Que Vivan Las Mariposas!

SIM (Military Intelligence Service)

The SIM (The cruel and heartless strong arm of the Trujillo regime) round up suspected revolutionaries and torture them for information.

Las Mariposas

The real "Butterflies".  Our inspiration.  The Mirabal sisters fought against the regime of Dictator Trujillo.  For this, all three were taken, defenseless, to a sugarcane field and were mercilessly executed.

Tio Toni

"El Jefe" has an eye for the young ladies of the Dominican Republic.  Don't mess with my family Trujillo!  Lucinda has left for the U.S. so she is safe, Anita will soon be far from your grip.

The Embassy

My brother Mundo and I have some impressive connections.  Mr. Washburn at the U.S. Embassy has supplied arms for the Butterfly Revolution.

Canasta Night

Canasta night? Or a meeting of revolutionaries...  We must bring down "el Jefe"!

Wimpy's Mercado

Wimpy ex-U.S. Marine and Revolution sympathizer runs a "market" in Santo Domingo.  He is a trusted ally who I would trust with my life.

Lucinda and Anita at school

My dear nieces still are innocent and love their country.  They do not see the dark side of Trujillo "el Jefe".  We, The Revolution, fight against the regime for you.  Some day you will be truly free.

El Jefe

El Jefe.  Rafael Trujillo bloody Dictator of Dominican Republic